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The World of Pan Parag

“Pan Parag” needs no introduction since Pan Masala itself is recognized by the name of “Pan Parag” which is a flagship brand of our Group. The product “Pan Parag” was launched in the year 1973 by Late Shri M.M. Kothari, the founder of this Mega brand. It is a combination of Betel Nuts, Cardamom, Lime, Catechu and Natural perfumes.

The revolutionary product got unprecedented acceptance from the consumers and by mid 1980s when Mr. Deepak Kothari launched the product in smaller pouches instead of big tin packings, Pan Parag assumed the position of market leader.

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The World of PanParag
The World of PanParag

Founder Chairman & Architect of Pan Parag Group

Late Shri Mansukhbhai Kothari was respectfully known as Babuji. Babuji had over five decades' experience in the field of manufacturing and marketing of consumer products. He had been instrumental in establishing the Group and behind its unabated growth for more than three decades and continues to guide & motivate through his teachings.

He conceived an idea of presenting a substitute of "Pan", which through years of improvements culminated into the innovation of Pan Masala branded as "Pan Parag" Implementation of this idea resulted in birth of Pan Parag Pan Masala on 18th August, 1973.

He is a patriarch of Pan Masala industry in the organised sector. He was honoured with National Award in 1987 by the then President of India.

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Key Milestones - 1973 Year

Launch of “Pan Parag” on 18th of August.

Key Milestones - 1983 Year

Incorporation as Kothari Products Pvt. Ltd. on 17th of September.

Key Milestones - 1983 to 1987 Year

“Pan Parag” was single largest Advertiser on T.V. and the household Pan Masala had become a Megabrand in the period from 1983 to 1987.

Launch of Pan Masala in revolutionary Packing of Pouches in automated & modernized Plant in the year 1985.

Key Milestones - 1987 Year

National Award to “Pan Parag” was conferred by the then President of India.

Key Milestones - 1988 Year

Launch of Budget Washing Powder.

National Citizen Award was conferred on Late Shri M.M. Kothari by the then Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi.

Key Milestones - 1992 Year

Pride of India Gold Medal was conferred on Shri Deepak Kothari by NRI Institute in Bangkok, Thailand.

Key Milestones - 1994 Year

Impeccable Track Record of declaring Dividends to its Stake holders. Dividend Percentage ranging from 55% - 150% from 1994 till date

Key Milestones - 1995 Year

Kothari Products Limited( our Flagship Co.) became a listed company.

Launch of “Yes” Mineral Water

Key Milestones - 2003 Year

KPL received FMCG Awards,2003 for “Parag Supari”,” Parag Sada” & “Pan Parag Premium “Supreme” by AMGF at New Delhi on 28th of May.

Key Milestones - 2004 Year

KPL received Consumer World Awards 2004 for India’s most preferred brand “Mera Brand”.

Key Milestones - 2005 Year

The Group stepped into Education Sector and established Kothari International School at Noida

Key Milestones - 2009 Year

Certificate of Excellence was awarded by Tobacco Board on Formation Day Celebrations for First Best performance in Export of Chewing Tobacco for year 2008 on 2nd of January.

Key Milestones - 2011 Year

Another world class school namely "Mansukhbhai Kothari National School" was established at Pune.

Key Milestones - 2016 Year

Instituted international school in Pune, Kothari International School

CMD Message

Shri. Deepak Kothari

(Chairman & Managing Director)

At the outset, I express my heart-felt gratitude for your attachment to our company’s product – “Pan Parag” which has been recipient of consecutive successes by your continued support since long.

I take the privilege to enlighten the need for genesis of “Pan Parag” as Mouth Freshener which was explored just to replace the PAAN (Betel Leaf) by our product in readymade form. My mission aims that consumers of mouth fresheners may relish their taste by “Pan Parag” which is of course a standardized product fit to all quality parameters.

Khatti Meethi Baat

Boards of Directors

Shri. Deepak Kothari (Chairman & Managing Director)

Shri. Deepak Kothari (Chairman & Managing Director)

Shri Deepak Kothari, son of Late Shri M.M. Kothari is the main driving force behind the meteoric rise and successful marketing strategies of the Group looking to the need of consumer & market.. He was instrumental in launching Pan Parag pouches in the year 1985. He contributed substantially in setting up fully mechanized and automated system for manufacturing of Pan Masala and allied products.

Shri Deepak also plays a crucial role in the production and marketing management of the Group.

Apart from various other awards bestowed on him, he was also appointed as Director on the board of Indian Airlines and Air India by Government of India.

Shri. Mitesh Kothari (Deputy Managing Director)

Shri. Mitesh Kothari (Deputy Managing Director)

Shri Mitesh Kothari represents the new generation in the management of the group and is successfully executing the responsibilities. He is MBA from UK. After completing his management studies, he joined the Group.

Shri Mitesh Kothari, represents the newer generation in the Board of Directors. With his leadership, the group is poised to attain newer heights.

Besides numerous accolades he is also the recipient of “BEST CITIZES OF INDIA AWARD 2009’ conferred on him by International Publishing House, New Delhi.