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A visionary leader, Late Shri Mansukhbhai Kothari was respectfully known as Babuji. A father figure to many of his employees, Babuji had over five decades' worth of experience in the manufacturing and marketing of consumer products.

Babuji played an instrumental role in establishing the Pan Parag Group and was the driving force behind its remarkable growth. To this day, his values and work ethic continue to guide and motivate the Pan Parag team.

An innovative problem-solver who was ahead of his time, Babuji first conceived the idea of a substitute for pan. His vision culminated in the launch of an exclusive pan masala that was branded as "Pan Parag", offering its consumers a refreshing twist on the traditional pan. The Pan Parag group came into being in August 1973.

As one of the first innovators in the field of pan masala, Babuji was a pioneer in the industry. His efforts and contributions to the organized and manufacturing sector was highly celebrated and recognized. Babuji was presented the National Award in 1987 by the then President of India. A towering figure of strength, innovation and business acumen, Babuji continues to inspire and guide us in all our endeavors today.

Following in the Footsteps of Our Founders
Journey of the Pan Parag Group

Tracing the milestones in our journey of innovation, growth and progress, let's see how the Pan Parag Group became one of India's largest homegrown brands. Our motto has always been, Made In India/Make In India.

Year 1973
Launch of "Pan Parag" on 18th August

The vision of Babuji, Late Shri Mansukhbhai Kothari, is realized with the launch of Pan Parag, a refreshing mouth freshener that will revolutionize the Indian organized sector forever.

Year 1983
Incorporation as Kothari Products Pvt. Ltd.

On 17th September, the Pan Parag Group is officially incorporated as Kothari Products Pvt. Ltd., marking another milestone in our journey of continuous progress and growth.

Year 1983
Pan Parag Emerges as a Megabrand

On the next leg of our journey, "Pan Parag" becomes the single largest Advertiser on TV and a household name across India. We emerge as one of India's earliest and largest megabrands between 1983 & 1987, giving a considerable boost to the Indian manufacturing sector.

Year 1985
Launch of Revolutionary Packaging

Ushering in a new stage of growth and advancement, Pan Parag is now packaged and sold in revolutionary new pouches from our modernized, automated manufacturing plant. This revolutionary new packaging ensures improved hygiene and quality to establish new standards of purity.

Board of Directors
Shri. Deepak Kothari
(Chairman & Managing Director)


Introduction of
Shri. Mitesh Kothari

Shri Mitesh Kothari represents the new generation in the management of the Group and is successfully executing his responsibilities. He has received a Master of Business Administration degree from the Buckingham University, UK. Soon after completing his management studies, he joined the Group and under his energetic leadership the Group is poised to attain newer heights day by day.

Besides numerous accolades, he is also the recipient of "BEST CITIZEN OF INDIA AWARD 2009" conferred on him by the International Publishing House, New Delhi.

Shri. Mitesh Kothari
(Deputy Managing Director)

Introduction of
Shri Deepak Kothari

Shri Deepak Kothari, son of Late Shri M.M. Kothari is the main driving force behind the meteoric rise of KPL. He was instrumental in launching Pan Parag pouches in the year 1985. He plays a crucial role in both, the production and marketing management of the Group.and He contributed substantially in setting up a fully mechanized and automated system for the manufacturing of Pan Masala and allied products. Further, his successful marketing strategies involved understanding the need of consumers & the market.

Apart from various other awards bestowed on him, he was also appointed as Director on the board of Indian Airlines and Air India by the Government of India.