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Pan Parag needs no introduction since Pan Masala itself is recognized by the name of Pan Parag which is a flagship brand of our Group. The product "Pan Parag" was launched in the year 1973. This revolutionary product was pioneered by Late Shri Mansukhbhai Kothari. Popularly known as Babuji, he was a tastemaker, well ahead of his time. Pan Parag became a household name in the 80s when Mr. Deepak Kothari launched the product in smaller pouches instead of big tin packings, Pan Parag assumed the position of a market leader.

The journey began with a simple need to create a mouth freshener that brings alive the experience of eating paan. Pan Parag is a fine blend of betel leaves. Its packaging makes it easily accessible, even on the go. At Pan Parag, zest of ingredients like cardamom, menthol, catechu gives an experience that satisfies traditional tastes and evokes nostalgia. Babuji's minimalism and quality-oriented craftsmanship helped make Pan Parag a world-famous brand. His legacy continues to inspire Pan Parag to attain newer heights.

Saga of Success

Initial success got impetus with the untiring efforts, dynamism, marketing judgement and techo savviness of Shri Deepak Kothari, Managing Director. He may be rightly called the pioneer of bringing the Pan Masala to the household and within the reach of everybody. This was possible due to the innovative idea of sachet packaging of Pan Masala in addition to the tin packing in vouge.


Pan Parag began with modest roots. With advances in packaging technology, it diversified into automation in 1985 to meet market demands. All of this was done under the able guidance and leadership of Shri Deepak Kothari whose innovative idea brought sachet packaging in vogue. The focus on quality materials, and years of exceptional know-how, enable Pan Parag to continue being a market leader.

Family-run, independent and socially responsible, the company is committed to maintaining the majority of its production in Kanpur. Fearless experimentation with betel nuts, cardamom, lime, catechu and natural perfumes has led to the creation of Pan Parag’s collection of mouth fresheners. The company now boasts of newer, elegant variants which will stand the test of taste, and time — just like the original Pan Parag. Today, in addition to our own production set-up, we have given franchise rights to many franchisees to manufacture and deliver the product in the market.

Shri Mitesh Kothari (s/o. Shri Deepak Kothari), a post-graduate from Buckingham University, U.K. joined the Group & plays a vital role in the expansion of the activities of the Group by seizing the opportunities and entering into new businesses. He also cultivated a corporate culture within the organization. The Group expanded its business by launching multiple products like Zarda, 7-Up, Coconut Oil, Budget Detergent products, and "Yes" Mineral Water. The Group also ventured in Real Estate Development, International Trade, Manufacturing of Precision Equipments, Spares for Aviation, Oil Exploration & Wind Energy Sectors etc.

Sustainable Practice

The Pan Parag Group believes in the enhancement of people, the protection of the environment, respect for ethical values and the promotion of culture. In this way, it can pursue inclusive economic development while staying true to Babuji’s work ethic.

Sustainability is a founding element of the Pan Parag Group. It is deeply rooted in the company’s strategy. The Group’s Sustainability Policy represents a formal commitment towards the communities in which it operates. Investment in culture, harmonious integration with the local community, and investment in sustainable materials form the pillars of the company’s policies.