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Tracing the milestones in our journey of innovation, growth and progress, let's see how the Pan Parag Group became one of India's largest homegrown brands. Our motto has always been, Made In India/Make In India.

Year 1973
Launch of "Pan Parag" on 18th August

The vision of Babuji, Late Shri Mansukhbhai Kothari, is realized with the launch of Pan Parag, a refreshing mouth freshener that will revolutionize the Indian organized sector forever.

Year 1983
Incorporation as Kothari Products Pvt. Ltd.

On 17th September, the Pan Parag Group is officially incorporated as Kothari Products Pvt. Ltd., marking another milestone in our journey of continuous progress and growth.

Year 1983
Pan Parag Emerges as a Megabrand

On the next leg of our journey, "Pan Parag" becomes the single largest Advertiser on TV and a household name across India. We emerge as one of India's earliest and largest megabrands between 1983 & 1987, giving a considerable boost to the Indian manufacturing sector.

Year 1985
Launch of Revolutionary Packaging

Ushering in a new stage of growth and advancement, Pan Parag is now packaged and sold in revolutionary new pouches from our modernized, automated manufacturing plant. This revolutionary new packaging ensures improved hygiene and quality to establish new standards of purity.

Year 1987
National Award

It was a historic year for us as Pan Parag was conferred with National Award by then President of India.

Year 1988
Launch of Budget Washing Powder

National Citizen Award conferred on Late Shri M.M. Kothari by Shri Rajiv Gandhi, then Prime Minister of India.

Year 1992
Pride of India Gold Medal

Pride of India Gold Medal was conferred on Shri Deepak Kothari by NRI Institute in Bangkok, Thailand.

Year 1994
Impeccable Track Record of Declaring Dividends to Stakeholders

Dividend percentage ranging from 55% - 150% from 1994 till date.

Year 1995
Kothari Products Limited (Flagship Company) becomes a Listed Company

In this year we achieved two milestones - Kothari Products Limited becomes a listed company & the launch of "Yes" Mineral Water.

Year 2003
KPL receives FMCG Awards

On 28th May, KPL received FMCG Awards for "Parag Supari", "Parag Sada" & Pan Parag Premium "Supreme" by AMGF in New Delhi.

Year 2004
Consumer World Awards

KPL receives Consumer World Awards for India's most preferred brand "Mera Brand".

Year 2005
Kothari International School, Noida

The Group steps into the education sector with the establishment of Kothari International School at Noida.

Year 2009
Certificate of Excellence on Formation Day Celebrations

On 2nd January, a Certificate of Excellence was awarded to KPL by the Tobacco Board for best performance in the export of chewing tobacco.

Year 2011
Mansukhbhai Kothari National School, Pune

Another world-class school, Mansukhbhai Kothari National School was established at Pune.

Year 2016
Kothari International School, Pune

We felt a need to expand the scope of education to children in higher grades so in 2016, "Kothari International School", a higher secondary school with an exceptionally brilliant academic backbone was formed.

Year 2016
Kothari Starz School, Noida

Keeping in mind the growing need of world-class schools for toddlers "Kothari Starz" was launched in 2016.